Cascade Pump Company
10107 South Norwalk Blvd
P.O. Box 2767
Santa Fe Springs, CA  90670-0767
Phone: 1.562.946.1414
Fax: 1.562.941.3730
Cascade Pump Company, with its diverse range of pumps and custom engineering can manufacture pumps for your specific applications. Our team of engineers and sales staff is dedicated to provide you with the quality information you need from preliminary design and budgeting through the life and maintenance of the equipment.
Flood Control, Storm Water, Water and Sewage Treatment, RAS, Mixed Liquor, Filter Backwash Effluent, and Transfer.
Pulp & Paper, Brine Transfer, Cooling Tower, Process, Mine Dewatering Desalination Plants, Fish Hatcheries, Circulating Water and Raw Water.
Flood Irrigation, Drainage, Fish Farms and Shrimp Farms.
Wave Pools, River Rides, Theme Parks, and Fountains.
Water Tunnel, Aqua Culture, Hydro Turbines, Golf Courses, Dry Docks, Defense, Bow Thrusters, Bilge, Ballast Tanks, Jet Aerators, Land Reclamation, Airport/Highway Drainage, Food Processing, and Motion Picture Sets.
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